Monday, March 06, 2006

Purim Confession

I have a little confession to make.

I don’t like Purim much.
Since my teenage years it's been a day I dread
I’m just not a big drinker and not a good faker..

I used to hate having to go into peoples houses collecting in these silly uncomfortable costumes choking on cigarettes..pretending I’m geshmak only to have this rich smug fellow humiliate he called down his Bubby..Zaidie..children in Pjamas to watch us entertain him so that we could receive his carefully signed check.

I can’t stand drunk people. I get queasy watching them..and can’t stand when they put their arm around me and pull my neck..screaming and crying their confessions in my ear with their horrible alcoholic and throw-up breath.

I got drunk once in my life on Purim and had a terrific headache (not to be confused with the one FDR had) and hangover for a year and half afterwards.

Then there’s the whole Mishloach Manos thing. This one gave we have to give him...but they didn’t give us last year.... Uh oh look who’s coming up the driveway shoot we didn’t prepare anything for them..quickly rip the tag off of that one..Nooo not that one ..that one is from their sister in law..they’ll know what we did...shhh [smile] A Freilichen Purim....

What can I say...I just never found my place in Purim.

My best Purims were In Eretz Yisrael. They were quite spiritual and full of meaning.

However now that I have’s fun watching them have a good time. I just dread the day they become old enough to want to drink and smoke.