Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Observations at a Bris..

I’m a little late today, in case anyone noticed.
I just came from a Bris..Circumsion Circumstances, I suppose.

...and I have a few observations I’d love to share.

Can anyone explain to me why some people enjoy watching a bris? I mean, there must’ve been 20 guys craning their neck to watch an 8 day olds baby have his penis sliced. Do you see any entertainment value in that? I just don’t get it. Anyone standing there with their eyes glued should automatically be placed on a watch list of some sort.

Then it comes time for the name. Here’s something I’ve noticed for quite some time now..this fascination with knowing the name. Even absolute strangers..join in this strange chorus..what’s the name?..what’s the name? Never mind that this babies 5 brothers are standing right there and you could not care less what their names are. When does the desire to “know the name” end?
I’m guessing at around 1 month when it is then replaced by the “who does he look like?” fascination. This continues until about 18 months when suddenly everyone forgets about this kid and starts to wonder when the next one is on the way and what “the name” will be.

There is one important lesson I did learn. How easy it is to do a real chessed. I was debating whether or not to go and decided last minute to go and come a little late to work. The Baal Simcha (the was so happy to see caught me a little off guard. Especially at a weekday Bris so much preparation goes in and quite often so few people show up. It can really make a tremendous difference whether or not another person shows up. It made me feel real good.