Wednesday, January 25, 2006


It’s something you’re born with.

Something lurking deep inside your conscience.
It drives you, fuels you and takes you places.
I’ve always known I have it. During my teenage years I’d hop on a plane, train or boat and explore. Explore places, cultures and people. Connect with the past, with ancient tales and magical experiences.
Rome, Paris, Moscow, China, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Venice, Spain .....
ahhh was it me that was wandering those places with nary a worry in the world (except for where I was going to spend the night)?

I definitely have Wanderlust. My heart beats for excitement, for a moment in time and for a dash of danger. My senses are sensitive to History and Beauty. My ears hungry for a new language and music beat. My eyes hungry for a scenic valley, an ancient castle and bright primal colors.

That was then.
Every once in awhile I’ll pull out an album and reminisce. But it’s difficult to bring the senses back to that donkey ride through the hot desert. It’s impossible to smell the cacophony of scents in the marketplaces. With kids and a wife whose idea of vacation is a nice hotel room, I’ve adjusted to the mundane. But it’s never far from the surface. It’ll always be a part of me and I’ll always cherish those days when I explored the world.