Sunday, January 15, 2006

How The Computer Helped Me Comprehend Our World - Part II

If one truly internalizes the above mentioned analogy then many things become clear..
For instance. The Gemara says..whoever says that Yehuda (referring to the story of Yehuda and Tamar) sinned is mistaken. If this is the case so why bring down the story in a manner that portrays him in a vulgar light?
The answer is.. What “actually” took place..we have no idea...but whatever Yehuda did according to his spiritual level ..caused the same cosmic effect as if he’d done it with all the vulgarity described in the narrative. Just like the Torah says Einei Hashem..when Hashem has no eyes..The Torah narrates the story in this fashion because it happened this way..just not the way we think it did.
That’s what the Gemara says ..whoever (one of us) says Yehuda sinned..(using our imagination and playing out the scenes the way we can grasp it) is mistaken. Sure the final outcome and the effect was the same, the document was opened but it wasn’t caused by double clicking the icon..instead it was achieved through writing code.

This is why the much talked about “contradiction” between Torah and Science regarding creation to me is a no starter because science is discussing the screen..and the pixels..and the Torah is discussing the chip. The Torah is not a science book just like it’s not a History book and is not interested in recording historical dates and science that is irrelevant to the spiritual growth of the Jewish people. Chazal is even bothered by the fact that the Torah doesn’t just start from the First Mitzvah.
Whatever happened during Creation..Hashem wants us to understand it as happening in 6 days. Whether it’s six days the way we experience six days is irrelevant. Our day of 24 hours is how we’re used to knowing the concept of Day. It is the only way our mind comprehends it in our Graphic User Interface (the screen). What’s the difference if you open the file by double clicking the icon or by pressing control O or by typing in code using DOS? It’s all the same thing.