Monday, December 26, 2005


Ok. We kicked off the Chanukah Party circuit with a huge family party last night.
Among the colorful regulars is our very own Photo Kommandant.
I pay homage to her..

She's my aunt..
Usually so sweet..
But whenever we get together
more than 20 family members gathered
She goes on an intense mission.
Her metamorphasis has to be seen to be believed

It usually happens when everyone is finally settled and happy
The men have washed..and squished into their seats
the women are settling into their distracted conversations
the kids are finally getting along...
suddenly her voice..usually so sweet
takes on a shrill color as she yells "Pictures!"
"Everyone into the next room for pictures!"
Her focus is unnatural as she herds us
into a semblance of unorder and chaotic composition
breaking up families..tearing screaming children apart
the sound reaches a crescendo....but her voice is heard
above all others loud and clear.."OK EVERYONE LOOK AT ME"..
"yanky...sruli..esti..hindy..over here...get that out of your mouth..
whats your name?....OVER HERE..ok One more...Look AGAIN
One more...OK...That's it"
Somehow after that...we can never get back into that somewhat peaceful state we were in.
I'm already looking for my kids coats buried under 45 other similar looking coats that once inhabited that rack that once stood here.

Yet still I pay homage to you..
for....after all is shouted and done
It is your masterpiece that is proudly displayed
on my mantle year after year..

Thank you.