Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What's that on my ear?..goodness I've been tagged

FrumGirl and Eshet thanks for tagging me...

Here are 5 simple pleasures that popped into my head. I typed them without going back to change any. My definition of a simple pleasure is a pleasure obtained without much cost or exertion..

That moment when the book slips from your hand and your strength ebbs away as the day and the world slips away and you drift off into la la land.

My morning coffee during my favorite time of day, early morning. To me that first coffee is a total experience..the aroma..the taste..the warmth and the quiet, freshness of a new day

When I give my young kids a hug at night after a really good day and instead of the usual quick hug...sometimes they’ll squeeze just a little harder and longer as if to say..I really love you...Totty.

Getting a compliment from my shvigger (mother in law). For some reason I get a thrill out of her compliments.

Hearing live music from unexpected sources. Sometimes I’ll take the subway and I’ll be treated to a beautiful interlude while waiting for the train. I’ll walk down the street and hear the soft chords of a piano wafting down from a window..and I’ll stop and listen for awhile...

A 6th little pleasure that I've discovered these past few writing something in my blog..and coming back a few hours later to find 6-7 intelligent comments..that always puts a smile on my face. But I can't say that it comes without exertion ;-)

I tag Pearl of Toronto..