Tuesday, November 29, 2005


The bus had just dropped her off..she looked like a wreck. Her pretty face streaked with tears, she averted my gaze, although I was a total stranger to her. Just then a soda can slammed into the side of her face and a loud cheer went up..from the gleeful faces at the windows of the departing bus.
I was not the only witness.
It was broad daylight on a busy street.
No one said a thing.
You see.. the victim and perpetrators were 8-9 years old.
I often wonder, at how children can be so, so cruel.
Anyone who grew up overweight, with a funny name, nervous twitch or darker than usual can attest to this.
Ultimately children are selfless creatures, they won't seriously hurt someone but they'll hurt someone enough to entertain themselves.
I wanted so badly at that moment to do something to protect that little girl but she was gone in an instant...but I suppose we could just just continue on our way muttering..kids will be kids.

One comforting thought...
Thank goodness kids are too little to pick on us adults...lol