Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Big 40!!

How does one face 40?
It’s a big number. I can still remember vividly my fathers 40th Birthday party. I stare into the mirror and there he is the 40 year old with the vaguely familiar face, receding hairline, some grey hairs here and there, a few wrinkles here and there. I sit back humbled and think and contemplate if I can only be 30 again and sigh. 10 precious years. My goodness, My Yeshivah adolescent boy was only 8..if I can only teach him a bigger part of his life in those formative years. If only..I’d learnt more, accomplished more. If I’d only appreciated the greatest decade of a persons life more ..their 30s. Young yet mature..making money..not yet burdened by debilitating expenses of having older children..

Now..I sit back read and re-read this paragraph and a smile forms on my face..
You see..Last week was my 30th Birthday! What kind of decade will I have? I don’t know but my heart pounds when I think of being in the present, in my situation. Such a glorious pressure!

Happy Birthday Me!