Friday, August 19, 2005

Why the Children??

Ok..Time to get a little serious. I know I'm treading on touchy topics here but I'll speak my mind anyway.

This picture and others like it really upset me. Here is a child in obvious anguish being pulled out of a home getting "kicked out" of his/her home under extremely distressing circumstances. thing I'm sensitive to is the suffering and anguish of children. Children have no place in a conflict.
But....Who do I blame for this childs anguish?
I don't blame the soldiers..they are following orders and with utomst sensitivity.
I don't blame Sharon either because I, and more than 50% of the population of Israel think this disingagement was inevitable and even if you don't agree with Sharon to think that he means to harm Israel or he's just polishing up his own post mortem image is rediculous. Here's a man who has lived Israels history! Who gave blood and guts to this country.
The blame squarely falls on this childs mother. She has had ample time to prepare for this. Why couldn't she send her children to relatives inside the green line? If you want to fight for your beliefs..fine..But please..leave the children out it. They will be traumatized for life.