Monday, December 19, 2005

In a perfect world....

After observing and listening and experiencing the complaints married people have about each other I’ve come to an elementary solution.
It seems the answer to most complaints my wife and other spouses have is..I’m just too exhausted!
I don’t know about you but at 11:00 when we both finally stop and catch our breath all I want to do is conk..conk in a very big way.
So I think the work day should be rearranged.
The day should start earlier. After spending the morning with your kids you send them off to school at about 10:00AM. Then you spend the best hours of the day with your spouse when you have energy..when you’re in a good mood. Why should your secretary see that smiling, energetic, charming side of you?
Then after an early supper we get into our cars, trains and busses and go to work at about 4:00PM.
You’ll have a seven hour workday from 4PM to 11:00PM or whenever you conk at your desk.
Let your boss complain that you’re falling asleep on him.
Let your secretary whine about the lack of attention your giving her....

Ahhh in a perfect world...