Monday, January 09, 2006

Honor Hashem with your Voice...

We had a big kiddush in our Shul this past week. One of the relatives of the Baal Simcha is a Chazzen of some sorts and was asked to daven Shacharis.
As soon as he started..Shoikhen his beautiful voice half the place groaned their dissapproval.
There's nothing I like more than a nice Ba'al Tefillah.
As I was listening and enjoying I thought of a Vort..The Gemara says Kabeid es Hashem B'Gronkha Honor Hashem with your Voice. Garon is Voice.. G'R'N is Guf (body) Ruach (spirit) Neshama (soul). A beautiful voice has the power to move inspire.
But I'm part of a shrinking breed it seems.

If I were to take a poll in most shteeblich."Would you rather have a terrible chazzen...or a beautiful chazzen and finish 10 minutes later?" I'm sure the quicker.. tone deaf guy would win in a landslide.

Come to think of it.. Hashem can abolish heaven and hell. All he has to do is have a chazzen get up and shlep. For those that enjoy's heaven..and for most others it's pure hell.

Why is that?

If you travel to Europe (and ignore the Anti-Semitism) you will see such magnificant Shuls..from Vienna to Florence from Moscow to Rome. Contrast this to the chop-plop* design and architecture of the modern shul and shteeble. What happened to this appreciation..of glorifying Hashem through beauty?
Is there a strain here?...
Are they connected?

* anyone with a good translation?