Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Lipa's new album...

I just spent the last week or so in the car shuttling from one party to another and I got the opportunity to listen to Lipa Schmeltzers new album BliAinHora.
First of all I have to say he is definitely talented and he deserves alot of credit for "thinking outside the box". The box of course is the music that Jewish music has been stuck to for the past 20 years. The predictable strings, brass, drums coming after the first time singing the low part of a slow song, electric guitar intro (before the strings) to satisfy our craving for "taboo" rock n roll.

However Lipa to me is like a kid in a candy shop...with all these "goyish" music styles before him..jazz..technorock...broadway rock..etc.
Listening to the CD reminds me of driving through Las Vegas..passing by New York, Venice and Paris (the hotels). Sure it's impressive and nice..but it's far removed from the real thing.

Luck for him..most of his listening audience is in the same candy shop....hungry...