Thursday, January 26, 2006

Monsters in our midst

Disclaimer: This post claims disturbing and explicit topics.

None of the tales are based on rumors. When I lived in Brooklyn a few years ago I got involved in an organization and I know these stories firsthand.

They look like anyone else..Yeshivish, Chassidish, Modern Orthodox. They are laymen, lawyers, neighbors, uncles, Rebbes and Fathers.

They are Monsters.

I am referring to Adults that molest girls under the age of 18. They fondle babysitters, seduce nieces, and rape daughters and it happens often.
And they get away with it EVERY TIME.
Could you imagine the guy sitting next to you in shul Raping his frightened 9 year old daughter every night? It just don’t know about it.
It is a horrific stain on our community and it’s about time something was done about it.
I am not a Posek but there must be times when it is permitted to call the police on one of our own. Let’s say there was a frum serial killer in Boro Park would it be wrong to call the police? These monsters are worse than murderers. Here is a snapshot of the damage they the innocent victims.

Their victims are likely to to act out sexually themselves

They suffer their whole lives and most of them will attempt suicide at least once.

Their marriages always suffer (if they survive) and they never trust men again.

And yes the victims are innocent.
One of the molesters favorite defence is she wanted it. A young girl does not know what she wants. Even if her body reacts..that does not mean she wants it. Just like when you tickle someone they laugh. That doesn't mean they're happy.
How is it that in the “goyish” world if someone molests a minor they will end up in jail and away from children, while in our community they are free to continue?
How is it that we’re so concerned with the Internet and porn that our children might be exposed to when we have REAL LIVE perverts exposing REAL LIVE sex to minors and we do nothing about it?

And if Halacha would call me a Moser..I’ll be happy to walk through the gates of hell if it’ll save the life of one more little girl or boy.