Tuesday, January 31, 2006

i, Magnified

I remember hearing from a smart man many years ago that the reason teenagers cannot wait to get behind the wheel of a car is that a car “iz a groisser ich” the car becomes a “Big Me”.
It’s me, magnified.
When you get behind the wheel, suddenly you’re no longer that scrawny teenager fighting for attention. You’re just like everyone else on the road.
When one observes the world around it becomes obvious.
Jaguar has a new ad campaign called Gorgeous. It insinuates that if you drive a Jag then the car will represent you. You’ll be gorgeous, you’ll be desired, you’ll get all the girls. It talks to the heart of the mid-age crisis person who feels he’ll get a new lease on life, on fun, on desirability by donning a new skin made of steel.

Sometimes I see some of my fellow Frum people who will never be considered cool in the gentile world because of their obvious physical limitations. So they’ll got a Hummer or a Big SUV to represent the Me they so wish they could be.
After all while you’re sitting in your car, you’re equal to anyone else. You can cut people off just like the next guy can.

Soul comes down to this world
..dons clothes of flesh
..dons clothes of cloth
..dons clothes of steel.
But ultimately they all clothe the Soul.

Well, I’ll let you guys guess what I drive.