Wednesday, March 29, 2006

How Patient...Life

How patient you are...

Month after month
You hide away..
Hiding and storing away
Within you
Your secret..your essence

Winter frosts
You wait so patient
As the lumbering earth
Finally turns you toward the sun
Toward the warmth..

First ..its a daffodil
Pushing up from below
Yellow blooms
Brilliant plumes
Of Forsythes
Tulip bulbs open..
And the code from within
Sends up a flower...on a stem
Before long the world is bursting
How patiently you waited
For the conditions you needed

Human, you're the same
Its all inside you..
Turn toward the sun
For no matter how long
You’ve been frozen
Under the cold blanket
Of snow and ice
Its all there inside you
Waiting for the light...

How patient is Life