Friday, March 17, 2006

Dial Denial

I have a second car...
I have a single Brother-in-law in Yeshiva

Fill in the blanks.

We’ll call him Gedalya
Now because he’s “Yeshivish”
He doesn’t listen to the car radio
Only..that he does

It seems that lots of Yeshiva guys
Let their hair down in their cars
They allow themselves to wander to stations
That God forbid anyone should find out..

So...I’ve noticed a funny thing
With this Gedalya of mine..
He always tries to cover his tracks
By moving the dial to more innocent tracks
Just before returning the keys

However, as if to ease his guilt
there usually is some sort of correlation
A contrast of sorts...
between the “guilty” station and the “innocent” one.
For example if he’s been listening to
Sports Radio 66 then he’ll move it to News Radio 88
Lite FM 106.7 then he’ll move it to WQXR Classical Radio
Z100 All the latest Hits then he’ll move it to 107.9 Kol B’Rama Lakewood Jewish Music

So imagine my surprise yesterday when I turned on my car after he’d returned it and found a CD of R’ Matisyahu Salomon playing!

Gedalya..what the heck have you been listening to!???