Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Did you feel it too..?

7:38 AM Shabbos morning
That’s when I felt it..

I feel it once a year and it lasts
Perhaps an hour or more

Those subtle pleasures
They’re truly the best

My eyes slowly opened
Early morning sunlight
Coloring the walls and ceiling
My eyes lazily watching the shadows
Cast by the slowly turning ceiling fan

The window was open
A cool/warm breeze was enveloping me
This breeze was of the sweetest nature
Sweet scent..sweet taste
The birds were out after months of silence
Chirping out the sweetest songs

While winter is great for what it’s worth
There’s this incredible feeling
That washes over me
When spring arrives

If it weren’t shabbos I would’ve had
Vivaldi’s Spring add the finishing touch.

It is a subtle pleasure
A subtle moment
The realization that spring, warmth, growth
Has at last arrived

And while I’ve only felt it
Some 20 odd years
I suspect I’ve had this feeling
In other forms....many times before

So while some may California Dream
And others to Miami stream..

I’ll keep my Four Seasons
For all the above reasons...