Sunday, June 11, 2006


Here I am cruising down the road on Friday when suddenly this car just rolls right through a Stop sign and crosses my path. I had no time to swerve or stop and I SMASHed right into her side spinning her car around.
It happened so fast yet so sloooow freeze frame...The moment when you internalize ...”I’m about to crash”
To the shattering glass twisting metal screeching tire sound and sensation...
My car ended up in someone’s front yard windshield and other windows shattered..I got out and angrily confronted this black woman..
You Idiot*..idiot! didn’t you see the Stop sign??
Totally disoriented but feeling fine...I called my wife to tell her I’m fine.
Next thing I know..the cops are there. She admits that she didn’t see the Stop sign.
I feel a tap on my shoulder it’s a paramedic asking if I’m the driver of that car...
I answer affirmatively and they tell me not to move. My neck is stabilized a board is pressed to my back and I’m swept off my feet. I protest in vain...
My poor wife expecting to find a small fender bender sees a cacophony of flashing lights and her husband being lifted into the back of an ambulance.
Suddenly I wasn’t feeling so good. For a split second I was even thinking..wouldn’t it be ironic to die 2 days after my 2045 post?
If I died would anyone in bloggosphere know? Would they just assume I decided to stop blogging?

Thank G-d I was released 2 hours later..and I’m fine.

The crazy thing about the crash was..It was alot of fun!
The Airbag opened and I didn’t feel a thing. It was quite the thrill.
The feeling of crashing..smashing...but this invisible force field around you that cushions you from hitting anything.

This aint’ your parents car crash.

*Name changed to protect identity.