Wednesday, June 07, 2006

June 7, 2045. A look back

June 7, 2045
Just got back from the doctor. My arthritis has really been acting up again.

Wow it’s been 40 years!

Time to reflect a little...

a quick look around the blogosphere....

Ahhh remember those innocent early days of blogging? The days when we actually had to read the blogs word for word instead of having them zipped into your brains? When we had to suffer through annoying anonymous comments without being able to zap their writers to oblivion.

It’s so cute to see all the new generations of bloggers coming and going over the years..but the first generation is still king.

Who would’ve believed back then..that Frum Girl would be a multi millionaire from her Alice in Wonderland/Cinderella movie series?

That Social Worker/Mom /Grandmom would be showing her paintings at MOMA?
Remember her first Cove painting?

That Toronto Pearlie would be such a famous author..?

ZenJew, TurquoiseBlue and Genendy have all held the prestigious Poet Laureate post.

How long has it been since the Parliament in the UK amended the rules to allow a US born citizen to be Queen clearing the way for Kasambas ascension to the throne?

35 years since we were all arrested at anonym00kies over the top 4AM.

How long since Afraid Girl became Courageous Woman?

Its been 22 years since Nobody became Somebody (and 5 since she admitted she LOVES poetry).

TuesdaysWishes..have come true..and she's moved on to Wednesday..

11 years since Open Up has Closed Up.

Mata Hari has become the first Orthodox Woman CEO of a Fortune 500 company.
Btw...Your family looks great on the cover of Time.

25 years since Moiy got the word “teh” into the English language (btw..Happy 63rd and Happy 144th to your neighbor).

theonlywayiknow has finally admitted that she knows other ways...

10 years since I discovered that the new incredible Rebbitzen at our shul is none other then Ayala.

Lakewood Venter is complaining that he’s not being let into Lakewood Courtyard assisted living home because rumour has it...he goes to Bingo games
Chaverah has come back after 40 years..remember her?

BrownEyedGirl spotted a hottie being wheeled down the boardwalk.

Great post today by Also a Chussid explaining the 16 different splinter groups of Satmar.

On a positive note the FDA has finally approved a Viagra for women pill, which Dating Master Jerusalem slipped into his wifes drink a few weeks ago
...they haven’t been seen since.

Wow great post today by JewishBeforeHuman.

A working girl..moved to the states..I convinced her to change that title as it can have other connotations here in the States.

A Frum Idealist is still an Idealist..incredible considering what we’ve been through.

The Pragmatician has long since given up being pragmatic.

Eishet Chayil is truly an Eishet Chayil and mother.

Sarah has posted phenomenal pictures of cells inside a rose petal.

Lvnsm is taking a break..(this time for real).

Barbara has finally crossed that verge of thinking threshold....she’s no longer a verge-en.

YY has just released his newest music love that new song by Sean Preston Federline Spears. I just read a report saying that his phenomenal voice can be attributed to a re-alignment of his vocal chords that can only occur when dropped at a very young age.

Stacey I know you’re approaching 80 but you still look and write like a youngster.

Masmida I finally found that Ushpizin DVD...and....I saw a DVD player at the Antique Store down the block..if you’re interested let me know.

SouthernYid loves his new farm in Oklahoma, part of his never ending quest to live in the smallest most out of town community possible.

Karl and Shoppy are about to celebrate their 39th Anniversary. Who could forget the 30th bash we threw for them?..our very own Blog couple
....they’re so happy out on their gorgeous yacht in the Atlantic.

Bueno. Tengo que ir ahora.. mi grandkids aquí deberá visitar..

Yup 17 years since Spanish became our official’s kinda growing on me..