Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Four Freedoms

Thank G-d we live in a time and place, enveloped by the four freedoms immortalized by Norman Rockwell in his famous series. Freedom from fear, Freedom from want, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of speech.
As Jews we have never lived in an atmosphere so permeated with the spirit of freedom.

This liberty gives us the opportunity to turn inward and gain true freedom.
The most profound freedom..flight
To connect and break free all at once and from ourselves
Our bodies
Four elements
The Earth that pulls us down..spiritual and physical laziness
The Fire that enflames our anger and misdirects our passions
The Wind that makes us haughty props us up in castles in the air
The Water that quenches our thirst for the forbidden

So my task at hand is to truly re-enact the Exodus.
My Neshama which is Chelek Elokai MiMaal (a portion and piece of Hashem himself)
Will try to redeem my body from the elements weighing her down..
Just as Hashem redeemed our nation.

I will lift the Four cups..and proclaim

V’Hotzeisi..and he has removed me from the the earth that it shall not bury me..
V’Goalti...and he has redeemed me from the winds that create illusions of gradeur..
V’Hitzalti...and he has saved me from the fires that consume..
V’Lokachti...and he has taken me out of the waters that threaten to drown me..

True Freedom is when you're truly in synch with every part of you and you fly...

I’d like to wish everyone a Chag Kosher V’Sameach and a wonderful Pesach.
You guys are the best!